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Cosplay on Kate Walker from Syberia 3

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Kate Walker has participated on the exhibition “IgroMir-2016″ in Moscow, Russia (from September, 29 to October, 2, 2016). More precisely, it is the cosplay, which created by fan of the game “Syberia” is Lena Kondrashina (VK | Facebook). Queste.Link was able to interview the author of the cosplay and to find out how it is – to be in the role of Kate Walker. In Russian language you can read interview here.


Lena, the cosplay on Kate Walker, which you created, is very beautiful. The cosplay of Kate with a hint on Syberia 3 still no one did. A cosplays of Kate Walker were from the first, the second part of the game. Tell us, why decided to cosplay at Kate? This is your favorite game? You are played Syberia I, II? Maybe you have interest in the game, because soon release Syberia 3?

Syberia is the game of my childhood. I discovered it when I was 9-10 years old. My classmate gave me the disc with a game. But it was just Syberia II and I’m couldn’t find the first part of game for a long time. Syberia immediately won me over with its atmosphere so familiar and close to man from Russia. Game excite with its details. Even I couldn’t go out from the main menu for a long time, I was listening music and watching as mechanical frozen horse was running. I still have goose bumps from the music of this game. I have decided to re-pass the game from the beginning eighteen months ago. At the same time I decided to cosplay the main character of the game, Kate Walker.

How long did you do the clothes of Kate?

I started to make Kate’s costume when the network appeared the first image of the new Kate’s model. I also installed the application “Meet Kate Walker” to see the details of her costume. Kate stands sideways on the poster of the game, so only after the appearance of screenshots of the gameplay I saw the new details of the costume. The earliest I made leather gaiters. It is decorated with hand embroidered patterns. Half of costume was ready a year ago. But I had to take time off from cosplay for university diploma. I studied fashion design, and I was sewing a collection of clothes for travel for the diploma. And as is often the case with cosplayers I finished the costume of Katу the day before IgroMir.


Do you think, if Kate Walker was able to stay warm in a similar clothes in Siberia?

Yes, I think that Kate was warm in such clothes. I went into her costume on the street to IgroMir, it was very hot. And my costume is much lighter than her. But I would recommend Kate to put on a cap on such a cold.

Previously you said, that you wanted to remake the jacket. What’s wrong with the jacket? Too much fur trim or the color is lighter, than that of Kate?

As I said, the costume was initiated before the clear character images from all angles were posted. I see all the details of the costume now. Its material, furnish. So now I am engaged in tailoring a new jacket to make it as similar as in the game.

How liked for you cosplay of the character Kate Walker? What were your impressions from “Igromir-2016″?

Kate Walker is one of my favorite characters of games. Of course, I like to cosplay her. We have something in common. Adventure spirit. In my opinion, this was the best IgroMir over the past 3 years. Visitors can also try out new games and VR-projects that were really interesting, what was missing in previous years. The atmosphere was brighter and more cheerful this year. And, of course, I want to note that you could acquainted with demo of Syberia 3 on the BUKA booth this year, what I’m really pleased.


You would like again to participate in cosplay Kate Walker or other characters of Syberia? If yes, than in what form? Maybe in locations from Syberia? If you re-make Kate’s jacket, so there will be new cosplay Kate?

Yes, I will cosplay Kate Walker again. Three locations were selected for photoshoots and video shoots. I think new ideas and projects will be added after the output of game.


Thank you, Lena, for detail interview!! Very interesting idea, a beautiful clothers with great attention to detail of the suit. Good luck in your new cosplay! And keep us informed about your cosplay! The image of Kate is incredibly exciting and interesting!

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