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Why Kate has changed outside?

пятница мая 27, 2016 - Автор: admin

Many fans ask the question, or simply notice: Kate Walker’s changed outside. Why?

We do not have an answer. But can @Microids_off knows? ;)

In Syberia 1/2 Kate was more happy. She has a hairdo. Her hair was straight and neat. Her skin has sun’s tan.

In Syberia 3 Kate became pale, her hair became “sticky”, facial expression has become a sad type.

All of this can be seen in the screenshots from the video in Syberia 1/2 compared with the gameplay Syberia 3. And in the video, and in game process of the 2D game Syberia 1/2 Kate has different from the new Kate from 3rd part. Why? Maybe model of Kate is created again and no repeated the old contours of Kate?

(screenshots below)


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