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New cosplay and adventure of Kate Walker

пятница октября 7, 2016 - Автор: admin

October, 5 Microids has official news about new date of release of Syberia 3 in Q1 2017. Because Syberia 3 needs in adding new localization languages, and add new adventure lines.
But will not be bored. We will wait a grand cosplay on Kate Walker from Tanya Graham (official author VK). This is not just a photo of the human in costume as Kate Walker. This is a story about the adventures of Kate Walker from Syberia I in locations from Syberia game. And not just in locations Syberia, but also with a lot of elements from Syberia game. Some said: “It would be better, if they took off yet and the movie” (about Syberia). Now you could see on the screen real photo adventure of Kate Walker. This is not simple 3D. This is photographic Kate Walker from favorite game locations Syberia I. You think, that no such locations in world? But what do think about the example of the hotel Kronsky from Aralabad, you learn?

But that’s not all, remember the music box from Kate Walker in Valadelena? Music box also re-created from Tanya and will participate in cosplay.


Yes, this not 3D. This real music box such as in game…


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Cosplay on Kate Walker from Syberia 3

понедельник октября 3, 2016 - Автор: admin

Kate Walker has participated on the exhibition “IgroMir-2016″ in Moscow, Russia (from September, 29 to October, 2, 2016). More precisely, it is the cosplay, which created by fan of the game “Syberia” is Lena Kondrashina (VK | Facebook). Queste.Link was able to interview the author of the cosplay and to find out how it is – to be in the role of Kate Walker. In Russian language you can read interview here.


Lena, the cosplay on Kate Walker, which you created, is very beautiful. The cosplay of Kate with a hint on Syberia 3 still no one did. A cosplays of Kate Walker were from the first, the second part of the game. Tell us, why decided to cosplay at Kate? This is your favorite game? You are played Syberia I, II? Maybe you have interest in the game, because soon release Syberia 3?

Syberia is the game of my childhood. I discovered it when I was 9-10 years old. My classmate gave me the disc with a game. But it was just Syberia II and I’m couldn’t find the first part of game for a long time. Syberia immediately won me over with its atmosphere so familiar and close to man from Russia. Game excite with its details. Even I couldn’t go out from the main menu for a long time, I was listening music and watching as mechanical frozen horse was running. I still have goose bumps from the music of this game. I have decided to re-pass the game from the beginning eighteen months ago. At the same time I decided to cosplay the main character of the game, Kate Walker.


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