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From Syberia with love. Sketch cards

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Today for your attention the fan-arts about Syberia game. Maybe you think, that this just sketch, picture on the paper. Maybe you tell, that is good quality picture with Kate Walker, but it has the features? Yes, it is sketch card with Kate Walker from Russian artist Helga Wojik (official site | Instagram). She gives the interview about her arts. Also for our interview Helga Wojik made new picture with Kate Walker. In Russian you can read interview here (интервью на русском здесь).

kate-sketchHello, Helga! A lot of pictures in your portfolio. But its made in various style, because its from various themes and colors of the paints. Tell me please, these all is sketch cards (pictures 2,5х3,5″) or exist pictures is more or less size, than cards?

Hello! On the my site most of the works is sketch cards. But in “Other” topic you can find another pictures.
The style is mainly determined by the set theme (this release, which are drawn cards). I work with different companies and the different subjects. The sketch cards is a type of trading cards. In Russia sketch cards is not popular, but in the USA it has popular in people more 100 years.

Tell us how the idea came to make such cards, there are some features of the process of drawing cards? You draw one copy, then copy them to the publisher?

Sketch card is always one of kind. It is picture on a special form, then approved by the copyright holder. After approval, the card packed (along with other types of cards) in the pack. I also draw illustrations for the base cards. It all started with I sent test sketch to the publisher. I was invited to draw one set. This was followed by invitations from other publishers. So, the hobby has become work.


New fan-art from Helga Wojik


Yep! Helga Wojik like Syberia game

That is, fans of Kate Walker can get a sketch card with Kate Walker, right?

It would be great. But unfortunately, no. Because a publishers not buy copyright on Syberia. But I can draw sketch cards with Syberia game persons, if a publisher could print these cards.
Although if you dream that is great edition with illustrations by Benoit Sokal, fragments of stories, signed by the author and may even super cards with pieces of the mammoth tusk.
There are cards for games, there are collectible. Cards for game basically just printed.

About style for Kate Walker. Positive chibi version with deformed head have always been my weakness. Especially on cloudy autumn days need more joyful muzzles. Syberia is one of my favorite games. Great Syberia world, the magnificent illustrations, the atmosphere, the characters – all this won me over long ago. In addition, we have long… very long… waiting for the third part! And very good, that Kate Walker was honored small statuettes and game in Collector Edition.


Base and chibi versions. Esha  is person from history of Helga Wojik


Kate Walker for coloring. Stages of works

There are some exclusive pictures? For example what?

Hmm. From the last, it is illustrations for playing cards as part of set (profits from the sale goes to help the hospital, each year more than 50 artists free draw cards for this project).


Illustration for charity set Island Dreams 2016. Stages of work

Who chooses the style, color?

Within a given set cards I try to give the general mood. So, I like to try new things. Well, maybe random, because markers has purpure color, example.

Wherewith you draw? Markers or..?

I love watercolor and markers. There are also colored pencils for toning, pastels, but this is for improvement. Now I study digital variants.


Sketch cards for Spellcasters II

Who choosed a objects for pictures?

For myself, I draw what’s interesting to me. Basically when given free time then draw myself characters. Basically it is the heroes of my history, which called “Poogaton”.

Thank you, Helga Wojik for an interesting story about a sketch cards and for the beautiful arts by Syberia! Good luck to you in your work! We hope, that you will delight us with many more arts about Syberia and others pictures! :)

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